Hospitals continue to be impacted and challenged financially and litigiously.

Following the most current trends, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is closing the gap between quality and reimbursement with its inpatient prospective payment system. Hospitals will not be paid for treatment rendered for in-house-acquired, avoidable conditions – such as pressure ulcers, infections and other ailments upon admission – if they were not part of the transfer documentation. In addition, incidents of substandard care at hospitals will be published on CMS websites, which in turn could increase the likelihood of self-protecting or accusatory attitudes while trying to avoid financial loss and liability.

Risk Management Solutions, a proven healthcare consulting firm, can assess and resolve your potential exposures. Our services are quality-driven, tested for success and accurately point to the root cause and its remedies.

Utilizing our services helps paint an accurate picture of the risk occurrence level for your entire hospital or individual departments. In addition, our services prioritize recommendations for changes that can improve clinical, financial and legal outcomes – in order of greatest concern – while reducing the risk of initial and repeat occurrences.

RMS currently has many solutions for your hospital:

  • Education sessions
  • Risk assessments and plan of action development
  • Leadership training
  • Mental health and dementia unit training
  • Adverse event management
  • Quarterly newsletters