adult day care risk management

Adult Day Care

In order to provide a program that meets both the preferences of the clients and standards and regulations, the adult day care staff needs to be skilled in a variety of areas – assessments, preparation and administering of medications safely, communication and documentation of all findings, and in developing and implementing large group activities that are engaging and improve the safety and quality of life for the client. Adult day care is only beneficial to the participant when he or she is willing and able to participate in the experience, and when the facility meets the daily social, recreational and rehabilitative needs of the person in care.

RMS offers a variety of services to assist the organization in achieving the desired outcomes:

  • Risk assessment and development of action plans
  • Behavior and dementia program training
  • Activity development
  • Education of facility staff in current standards of care and methods to minimize risk
  • Documentation training
  • Customized consulting programs