assisted living risk management

Assisted Living

Assisted living providers continue to face challenges with the emphasis on healthcare reform. Opportunities exist to provide higher quality of care for assisted living residents.

RMS provides an opportunity to educate clinical leaders and staff about high-risk issues and further advance their understanding of the ways in which assisted living improves the quality of life for residents and their families. Our variety of products and services help protect and educate assisted living providers by providing ways to reduce unnecessary clinical and environmental risks through:

  • Risk management best practices in areas of abuse, behaviors, condition change, elopement, falls and skin integrity
  • Risk assessments and development of action plans
  • Education of facility staff in current standards of care and methods to minimize risk
  • Quality assurance performance improvement programs (QAPI)
  • Adverse event management (quick response)
  • Clinical leadership assessment and training
  • Review of medical records for claims and litigation
  • Behavior/dementia health programs