Nursing Facilities

Through research, education and experience, RMS experts have built a collection of best practices for risk management that are used as guidelines when training and teaching risk prevention in the short and long-term care setting. These practices focus on high-risk areas, such as abuse, agency usage, behaviors, elopement, falls, hydration, incident/accidents, infection prevention and control, nutrition, pain, physical restraints and pressure injuries. Contact us if you would like more information.

We offer an array of clinical accredited on-site, as well as, distance learning educational sessions to increase the awareness of your staff in current standards of care and aid in minimizing risks.

In addition, RMS consultants can partner with your organization and provide knowledge and assistance in many other areas such as:

Improving CMS five-star ratings

  • State survey preparation (SPA)
  • Quality assurance/performance improvement programs (QAPI)
  • Risk assessments and development of action plans
  • Adverse event management (quick response)
  • Clinical leadership assessment and training
  • MDS assistance and training
  • Review of medical records for claims and litigation
  • Restorative nursing programs
  • Behavior and dementia program training
  • Wound care program development