Quality Assurance

RMS can help you increase your Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements.

RMS realizes that the challenge to Quality Assurance (QA) healthcare teams across the nation is to prevent avoidable conditions in order to minimize the consequence of not receiving payment for the associated course of treatment. Research has shown that many Medicare and Medicaid dollars have been spent correcting patient and resident conditions directly linked with a medical error and clinical neglect.

QA teams are responsible for improving the quality assurance and quality improvement outcomes from the care delivered to residents and families. The process of QA is addressed in every care standard of regulation and licensure requirements in every state. Many QA Teams have had opportunities to work together in performing Root Cause Analyses, resulting in the highest quality of care being delivered to promote the well-being of residents in all dimensions: physical, mental, psychosocial and spiritual.

RMS Consulting Services will assess the QA Team’s baseline knowledge, and then provide the team with the skills, experience and knowledge necessary for competent performance. The facility and/or corporation receive a comprehensive report of findings and training needs in order for the team to function at a level that ensures cost-effective quality of care. This methodology process enables the organization to objectively and systematically monitor and evaluate the quality and appropriateness of resident care and services on an ongoing basis, thus reducing non-payment by Medicaid and Medicare.