Welcome to Risk Management Solutions

Risk Management Solutions (RMS) understands the current needs and challenges in the healthcare industry.  RMS consultants provide services for senior living operations including nursing homes, assisted living, independent living, home health care, adult day care services and behavior health.

Our risk managers utilize a proven hands-on approach that enhances clinical care and delivery, improves communication and documentation, improves regulatory outcomes, increases staff assessment skills, expands the knowledge of policies and procedures, and implements best risk management practices as well as reduces claims frequency and severity.

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Quick Response

When a serious incident occurs, you can rely on RMS to assist with the initial response team, investigate the incident and provide support for your leadership team.




Survey Preparation

Our specially designed mock survey process alleviates anxiety by allowing your staff to prepare, practice and correct deficiencies before facing annual state surveys.




Consulting Services

From on-site assessments to emergency preparedness, our highly qualified professionals can customize a risk management program that's right for you.