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On-Site Assessments

Our primary goal is to teach healthcare organizations to focus on prevention as well as reacting and resolving actual unplanned adverse events in order to add value to their organization.

RMS utilizes an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) methodology in performing on-site risk management assessments for their clients of all levels and types of care. On-site risk assessments provides the client with the most comprehensive approach toward ERM by blending documentation and clinical observation of actual staff action and resident response in the analysis phase of the assessment process.

This is accomplished by assessing and analyzing risk, then identifying and prioritizing areas of concerns in advance and proactively developing recommendations to comply with standards and policies for improvement in risk response, mitigation, and monitoring activities. RMS can help the organization effectively manage their exposure and financial picture by using this uniform approach.

Clients who utilize the on-site assessment typically also choose Education Sessions and Quick Response.